Wedding Lighting Ideas

Of course we are going to be of the mindset of the more the better when it comes to wedding lighting ideas. There are a lot of techniques to transform any space for a wedding, but the wedding lighting is what really makes it. It adds ambiance as well as character. It is all part of being a reflection of you both as a couple and your day. From barns to backyard market lights, here is some inspiration from the most popular wedding lighting ideas. We can do any of these for you or if you don’t see what you are looking for, chances are we can still do it for you.

Market Lights –  Great for outdoor spaces, barns, backyard weddings and tents. Market Lights continue to be a favorite wedding lighting choice for 2015.

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Purple Up Lighting– We have seen every shade of purple used and it creates a warmth that continues to make this a really popular choice for wedding lighting at Correlation Productions.
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Pattern GOBO – If you are looking for some dramatic lighting that really transforms a space, especially a tent, pattern GOBO is the way to go.
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Birdcages– Adding vintage and antique touches continue to trend in weddings and lighting them up adds a really beautiful touch.
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Lanterns– You can never go wrong with beautifully lit up paper lanterns.
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Chandeliers– If your theme is elegance look no further than some beautifully lit chandeliers. 
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Candles– A classic that will never go out of style.
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Twinkle Lights– The perfect touch for any wedding but especially for a barn wedding.
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Lighted Letters– This is the number on wedding lighting trend for this year and we are sure to see a lot of it for 2015. It adds a really special personal touch to your day.
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Clear Light Bulbs– Hanging elements always tranform a space and clear light bulbs add warmth and ambiance. 
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